We added an Audi e-tron to the Hoonigan Racing Division fleet! The more the merrier, right? This all-electric off-road ready SUV is perfect for all of my interests. Snow slaying? No problem. Huck it in some dirt? Yep, it can do that too. Cruise downtown Park City to see some legendary artwork from Banksy? Most definitely. But today we are taking the low-key route. Let me show you why our new Electric Fleet whip is so awesome AND I’ll show you around my stomping grounds. Neil Cole hasn’t spent much time in Park City and is a huge Banksy fan so let’s get some break-in miles in on our New Audi e-tron before we take it out into the desert for a solid hoon session next week. Enjoy episode 5 of 6 dedicated to my new “Electric Fleet”!

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Music: 'Hackers' by Karl Casey  @White Bat Audio 
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