X Games 2015 saw HRD's Ken Block returning to Austin, Texas, in his quest for an X Games gold medal to add to his three bronze and two silver already sitting at home. Unfortunately for Block, it wasn't meant to be this year. With a very aggressive knockout format for the race in order to make it to the final, the setup was as follows: three separate heats, winner of each heat advances directly to the final, second and third in the heat move to a Last Chance Qualifier, fourth and beyond go home.

Block had a great 6 lap heat until the final corner with the checkered flag literally in sight. Due to incidental contact earlier in the race, Block suffered a front drive shaft failure in the middle of the last turn, which then sent 600 horsepower unexpectedly to the rear wheels and thus threw him into a spin. This moved him from a solid second place finish (which would have advanced him to the LCQ), down to fourth, just outside of making the cut.

“Of course I'm disappointed in how the race went for me," said Block. "Obviously we come here with the goal of walking away with gold, so to get knocked out immediately due to a mechanical issue is lame, especially as I was in a transfer position with the checkered flag in sight! But, that's how racing goes, one part failure can and cost you everything.”