Rally racing is one of the most grueling motorsports on the planet - it's typical to come back to a service missing bumpers, headlights, and windshields. And then sometimes, you lose a wheel.

Which is exactly what happened to Ken Block and Alex Gelsomino just 2.5 stages into the Oregon Trail Rally. After a wheel had parted ways with their racecar (due to equipment failure), Block was faced with two choices: either be disqualified from the race by not finishing, or press on with only three wheels attached and cross the finish line. Living the #AINTCARE ethos, Block did whatever it took to cross that finish line, doing so in a shower of sparks and only losing a mere 40 seconds to race leader David Higgins in the process.

Check out this compilation of fan-filmed clips put together by The Hoonigans from Block's last 1.5 spark-throwing stages at Portland International Raceway.