All joking aside, one thing that Ken Block and Hoonigan Racing Division take very seriously are their trucks! A race team requires the right vehicles to move racecars and supplies around, and Block himself requires the right vehicle to enjoy his home-life in the mountains of Park City, Utah. That’s why, for 2017, Block has updated his fleet of vehicles to now include a new 2017 Ford Raptor as well as a new 2017 Ford F-450.

While the Raptor will be part of Block’s “daily driver” fleet that also includes a Focus RS, the F-450 is part of the race team fleet of heavy duty trucks (the fleet also includes a new 2017 F-350 as well). However, during the off-season, Block has found a new purpose for the F-450: Ski-Doo snowmobile hauler! Both vehicles now feature matching matte black wrap jobs, with the Raptor running custom forged fifteen52 Turbomac HD wheels and Toyo Open Country MT tires and the F-450 running powdercoated aluminum semi-truck wheels and fresh Toyos as well.

The two trucks together form an admirable winter pairing, perfect for whatever adventures are thrown at them.