Last winter, Ski-Doo sent the HHIC, Ken Block a few Ski-Doo Freestyles and Summits to use and rip around the mountains of Utah. So, Block invited professional Ski-Doo ambassadors Carl Kuster and Ashley Chaffin out to join him and show him just how hard you can push a sled. And, since Block in-part comes from the snowboarding world, he also made sure to invite a few pals that can snowboard as well: Olympic Gold Medalist Sage Kotesnburg and last season's Rider of the Year, Bode Merrill.

The whole crew got wild in the powder paradise known as Powder Mountain, a mountain resort in Block's home-state of Utah. The crew used the Ski-Doo snowmobiles to shred around the backcountry and shuttle the snowboarders around to ride the powder and rip some fun jumps.

Block said; “This was such a fun project. I got to rip around on one of my favorite motorized toys in the powder, ride my snowboard in some epic powder conditions, plus do this with some of the most talented snowboarders and snowmobilers in the business. And, I even did some donuts in the parking lot with my sled. All in all, one of the best snowmobiling and snowboarding experiences I've ever had!"

The project was fondly called #SkiDooSledShred. Check out the photos and video!