When it was announced earlier this year that HRD's Ken Block would become a brand ambassador for Can-AM, it was pretty obvious that the HHIC wouldn't keep his Maverick X RS Turbo and Maverick MAX RS Turbo stock for too long.

The two vehicles have two very distinct and separate purposes. Given that Block lives in Utah and has easy access to some of the most insane dirt terrain in America to play with, the focus of his two-door Maverick X RS Turbo was to build upon the speed and capabilities of the factory product and turn it up to 11 for some high-speed desert hoonage. Block had his team at Hoonigan Racing Division equip it with a custom Lonestar Racing roll cage, a Lonestar Racing long travel suspension kit, Dragonfire racing doors, Dragonfire Racing race steering wheel, Can-Am wide flares, Rigid Industries R46 lights, a Lonestar Racing brush guard, custom embroidered seats by Beard and last but not least, one-off custom beadlock fifteen52 Turbomac HD wheels wrapped in Toyo Tires. The end result? One of the freshest and fun to thrash two-door Maverick's on the planet.

For his four-door Maverick MAX RS Turbo, Block headed into a different direction. Knowing that he could make it street legal and register it to drive on the local roads of his hometown in Park City, Utah, Block hammered down in that direction. With the goal of creating something that was not only capable off-road, but of also running his kids to school or to shuttle friends up the mountains during mountain biking sessions, Block had the HRD team modify it with those goals in mind. The MAX RS Turbo received a Can-Am sport roof, doors and windscreen, as well as matching wide flares to his two-door. The four-door also features matching custom embroidered seats by Beard, a North Shore bike rack on back for his Specialized mountain bikes, Rigid Industries R46 lights, matching fifteen52 Turbomac HD wheels shod in Toyo Tires and a Lonestar Racing brush guard to complete the look.

"I'm super stoked on how these two builds turned out," said Block. "Can-Am has such an amazing platform from which to build with these things. The fact that they come turbo from the factory is a huge plus to me since it means I don't have to mess around with a ton of aftermarket engine stuff to have the speed and power that I want right out of the box. My team did a great job upgrading these though. I just wrapped a fun holiday down in Swingarm City, Utah, with my wife and kids and we all had a blast ripping around in the dirt with these. My kids in particular absolutely love getting some air time with me in the four-door MAX RS Turbo!"