Recently, Ford Performance helped Ken Block debut his latest vehicle acquisition: a 1986 Ford RS200. Originally built to compete in the Group B era of the World Rally Championship, Block's car is one of 200 units that were required to be built to meet homologation rules. Block's RS200 features an Evolution variant of the 4-cylinder turbo motor, custom tuned to make 700+ horsepower. The car also features a custom black paint job with matte black vinyl laid on top, upgraded interior, custom KW coilover suspension, fifteen52 wheels and Toyo Tires.

To see Block's new RS200 in action, alongside his matching 2017 Ford Focus RS, check out Ford Performance's video about Block's dueling "daily drivers" here.

And, to learn even more about Block's RS200, check out The Hoonigan's Daily Transmission episode on it here.

Specs for Ken Block's RS200:

  • 1986 Ford RS200
  • 1 of 200 units built for the World Rally Championship's Legendary Group B homologation
  • 1 of only 24 Evolution motor packages built featuring a 2.1 liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine
  • Currently running 700+ horsepower on pump gas (800+ on race gas)
  • 18 inch fiftteen52 Evo SC wheel
  • 18 inch Toyo R888R Proxes tires
  • Custom KW Suspension
  • Custom updated sueded interior
  • Custom black paint with matte black vinyl overlay