Returning to the city of Madrid, Spain, for the second year in a row, Monster Energy’s European Gymkhana GRID series held the final event of the season this weekend. A combination of head-to-head racing mixed with the techniques and skills featured by Block in his award-winning viral video Gymkhana series, the competition features both rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive classes made up of participants from all walks of life and levels of driving ability.

Block headlined the event, taking on the winner of the Street all-wheel drive class in a grand finale—which he won—helping once again solidify his title of Gymkhana Master. However there was a great mix of racing action in both classes on the course throughout the day, as well as demos and appearances provided by a mix of other Monster Energy motorsport athletes including Vaughn Gittin Jr., Liam Doran, Buttsy Butler, Steve “Baggsy” Biagioni, Luke Woodham and Terry Grant.

“These Gymkhana GRID events are a great time for me,” said Block. “I love coming out and seeing what Monster is doing with the series. Each year there are more and more cars coming out to compete, especially in the all-wheel drive class and the amount of fans that show up grows each time. The courses also get bigger and better each year. Combine that with the huge cash prizes available and some of the best trophies I’ve ever seen given out at a motorsports event, this really is an incredible event to be able to come and be a part of. I’m looking forward to doing this all again next season.”

For now, Gymkhana GRID 2014 is over. However, stay tuned to find out details on what the series will be up to in 2015.