Adding to an already impressive lineup of sponsors and partners, Hoonigan Racing Division’s Ken Block is pleased to announce the addition of another high-caliber sponsor, XDubai.

XDubai is the regional leader of the Middle East when it comes to action sports, both in terms of supporting events, challenges and athletes, as well as hosting events and activities. From skateboarders and their video projects to freestyle moto riders throwing down world-first triple backflips and from skydivers to guys with jet-powered wing suits strapped to their backs, XDubai positions itself front and center when it comes to supporting next-level innovations with both action- and extreme-sport athletes. With a goal of helping turn Dubai into the adrenaline capital of the world, today’s partnership with Ken Block helps solidify that mission.

“I’m really excited about this partnership,” said Block. “While we were in the initial discussions to make this deal possible, I took a trip to Dubai to learn more about XDubai and the city itself and I was blown away. It’s a hugely impressive city and it’s also known for being a massively progressive city in that region of the world. The team at XDubai absolutely gets what I do and what I’m about and, as I’m sure everyone knows, Dubai itself has a passion for all things automotive. I had a blast there, so I’m looking forward to heading back over. We’ve got some fun demo appearances planned for over there later in the year with my Ford Mustang Hoonicorn RTR from Gymkhana SEVEN.”

As a part of the sponsorship of Ken Block and his 2015 racing program, XDubai will host Block and his Hoonicorn RTR at the Dubai Motor Festival in November. It will officially be the first public appearances and driving demos by Block in the Middle East region, as well as the first appearance of his Hoonicorn. For more information on XDubai, visit: