For his second Monster Energy Gymkhana Experience event in Japan, Ken Block block brought his Ford Fiesta HFHV to the city of Nagoya to put on an unforgettable show including the Monster FMX team, drivers from Japan’s premiere drifting series (the D1 Grand Prix), helicopters, bears, and more.

Kicking off the weekend with a slew of media ride-alongs (including drifting legend Keiichi Tsuchiya), Block then put down a smoky run through the Gymkhana course, followed by a drift competition between all the attending D1 Grand Prix drivers - the winner of which was to face Block in a Gymkhana race against the clock. It was Masato Kawabata (2013 D1 Champion) who made it to the final race - only to spin out both of his competitive runs, costing him the win.

The finale ended with Monster Energy’s freestyle motocross team throwing tricks over the “helicopter obstacle” (a Robinson R44 on concrete blocks), Block putting down a final Gymkhana run, and an autograph signing that filled the entire course with fans.

Video coming soon - for now, enjoy the photos!