LONG BEACH, CA: Ken Block and Hoonigan are excited to announce a wild new program for his 2019 race season: the Cossie World Tour! It will be a multi-stop race and content program, spanning the globe in a newly built 90s era Group A Rally Ford Escort RS Cosworth. Block will take a step back in time on this tour, which kicks off in early 2019. It will include this legendary machine, while targeting a series of iconic stage rally events from Europe, the Americas and Oceana.

“I grew up watching late 80s and early 90s rally racing,” says Ken Block. “There is just something special to me about tearing through stages in these legendary machines. Sadly, last year’s American Rally Association campaign in my Ford Escort RS Cosworth Group A racecar ended in a crash that resulted in the car burning to the ground. While myself and my co-driver luckily escaped from it, the car left the stage as a burnt carcass. Before it was even fully extinguished though, I knew we were going to have to build another one, possibly with a bit more flare. And power. I wont give too much away, I’ll just say the new Cossie is going to be rad.”

To document Block and his world tour with the new Cossie, Hoonigan is developing a new episodic video series. It will follow the efforts from start to finish: the new racecar build, the racing, and the fun in-between adventures of Ken and his team. But in addition to telling the story of just the Tour, the series will also look to educate an audience on all things rally, new and old. It will blend the modern day narrative with a unique documentary-style format that will reach well beyond just the racing that Ken will be competing in.

“Nothing compares to rally,” says Hoonigan Chief Creative Officer Brian Scotto. “It’s all the things that make motorsport great. It’s fast, it’s dangerous, and the stories that are spawned from it are legendary, which is why I have always been attracted to it from a storytelling perspective. I’m excited for the Tour and the show we are building around it, because it will give us a chance to explain the amazing world of rally in a very different way than it has been before.”

Cossie World Tour locations and series release schedule to be announced in early 2019.