PARK CITY, UT: Terrakhana is Ken Block’s second spinoff from his hugely successful Gymkhana franchise of videos (the first being Climbkhana, which drops in September), where he will now take the style of driving he performs in his Gymkhana videos and bring it to massive areas of natural landscapes, aka “terra.”

For his first-ever Terrakhana, Block and Pennzoil headed to southern Utah to visit an area known as Swing Arm City. The location has been a favorite vacation spot of Block and his family and was first in his mind for places to go and apply his concept of an all-terrain Gymkhana project.

“It’s funny, because I’ve wanted to do other variations of Gymkhana like Climbkhana and Terrakhana for years now,” said Block. “Gymkhana started for me because I was looking to practice my rally driving skills in a more affordable way in-between races. That then grew into this much bigger thing, but it always stemmed from me wanting to have fun in cars. And, if I’m being perfectly honest, the most fun for me is out on dirt and gravel! You can imagine how stoked I was to learn Pennzoil shared this vision. It’s how I got started in racing and the gravel sections of our rallycross races are always my favorite. So, to be able to finally go and do a proper Gymkhana-style video with one of my cars but on dirt is one of those dream-come-true situations for me.”

For Terrakhana, the harsh conditions of the Utah desert (average temperature during filming was over 100 degrees Fahrenheit) were the perfect test bed for Block to run Pennzoil Synthetics under maximum load and put them to the test. The film speaks to the results.

Also on board for directing, production and editing was Hoonigan Media Machine, an off-shoot of Hoonigan Industries. The video was directed by Brian Scotto, the Creative Director of almost all of the Gymkhana video series, Director of the hugely successful Gymkhana NINE video, as well as other major Hoonigan Media Machine video projects.