Adding to the runaway success of Gymkhana FIVE: Ultimate Urban Playground; San Francisco, Ken Block recently had the honor of adding a One Show Gold Pencil award to his mantle of achievements with the Gymkhana series.

The One Show is an awards show run by The One Club, an organization known for awarding excellence in advertising. Gymkhana FIVE’s viral success for DC Shoes as a product placement video took home the 2013 “Gold Pencil award in the category of Online Films & Video/Long Form – Single”, beating out submissions produced by major advertising firms for corporations like Nissan and Pepsi. Gymkhana FIVE (as well as all of the previous Gymkhana videos) was marketed, designed, and creatively conceived entirely between Block and DC Shoes, setting it apart from other entries within the category.

Given the recent accolades, combined with total series views, the Gymkhana franchise of videos is the undisputed viral video king of FIVE separate markets: action sports, footwear, apparel, motorsports, and the entire automotive industry. No other athlete, brand, or corporation currently comes close to touching the 240+ million combined views that the Gymkhana series has to date.

"I'm absolutely amazed by how well this series has done," said Block. "What started as me just going out and playing around has grown into this massive thing. And the fact that I've managed to both drive and help direct all five of these is hugely important to me, especially since we aren't just dominating the Footwear and Apparel category of viral videos, but also Action Sports, Motorsports and the Automotive Industry! There are some BIG players in those fields and for my franchise of videos to be on top still sort of blows my mind a bit. It's awesome. I look forward to continuing to grow the success of the series with Gymkhana SIX later this year."

Check out the award itself here: