April 28, 2014

Following the tease of an all-new video project with Castrol last week, Hoonigan Racing Division’s Ken Block is pleased to announce the debut of a fun, different style of Gymkhana video project called Footkhana. A collaborative effort with international football star, Neymar Jr., and Castrol, Footkhana combines world-famous driving with world-famous football skills in a head-to-head competition of man in a machine versus man and his feet.

Not to be confused with the future Gymkhana SEVEN that will drop later this year, Footkhana was designed from the start to be a new and entertaining exploration on how Block’s Gymkhana driving could be utilized in a fun way doing something different than of his normal Gymkhana GRID competitions and Gymkhana video series.

“It’s always amazing to me when people like Neymar Jr. are aware of me because of my Gymkhana videos,” said Block. “Neymar’s one of the biggest names in football [soccer] and it was rad to work with him on this project. I’m stoked that Castrol was able to help us bring the whole thing together and present me with the new challenges of hitting soccer balls with precision slides while I navigated the Footkhana playing field that they created for us. Never in a million years did I think I’d ever be trying to score goals with my Ford Fiesta, but it actually was a ton of fun for both of us. I’m pretty sure that Neymar’s never had to try and score a goal with a rally car defending the net before!”

Curious as to how the experiment of blending the completely opposite worlds of football and motorsport turned out? Check out the video here: