Building upon an established history of award-winning digital viral video content through Ken Block’s GYMKHANA franchise of films, Block and his creative team at Hoonigan Media Machine are pleased to announce the latest slew of awards for automotive content.

First up are TWO Gold Telly Awards for last year’s TERRAKHANA The Ultimate Dirt Playground; Swingarm City. Taking home both top honors for Automotive Commercial and Best Directing, which was done by Hoonigan Media Machine’s Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer Brian Scotto.

Second is a Silver Telly Award for last year’s CLIMBKHANA: Pikes Peak, scripted and created by Ken Block, this Gymkhana series spin-off was produced entirely in-house by Hoonigan Media Machine, and co-directed by Block’s Hoonigan business partner, Brian Scotto, as well as award-winning commercial director, Jeff Zwart.

“I am truly one of the luckiest racecar drivers in the world,” said Block. "We make rad content that we love to make. I get to rip up amazing places like Pikes Peak and Swingarm City, then we get rewarded with marketing accolades!? Yeah, life is damn good and it’s great to see the media arm of Hoonigan explode these past two years.”

“When we set out to create these films, winning awards is the furthest thing from our mind,” says HMM COO Brian Scotto. “The goal is to create fun, shareable content that we are proud to put our name on. I think that’s been a major part of our success. Knowing that for many major creative agencies, acquiring these shiny statues is job one, makes it even sweeter when we beat them at their own game.”

Ken Block and Hoonigan Media Machine are currently in post production on both Gymkhana TEN and The Gymkhana Files which will air on Amazon Prime later this year.

The Telly Awards honor excellence in video and television across all screens. In addition to these awards, HMM has also received these honors this year: Communicator Award and Streamy Awards of Distinction for their Daily Transmission YouTube series.