Despite not being open to the general public, your dreams of being able to go and check out the Hoonigan Racing Division headquarters of the HHIC (Head Hoonigan in Charge), Ken Block, may actually be able to come true now. For the first time ever, Block is opening the doors of his personal race shop to select fans so that they can check out his world headquarters, brag to their friends about having made it inside the coolest motorsports workshop on the planet and, if they're lucky, catching a glimpse of his Ford Fiesta ST racecars up close—assuming they're not out being raced! The catch? There's only one way: buy a Ford Focus ST or Fiesta ST and do the all-new ST Octane Academy driving program at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, UT.

The ST Octane Academy driving program at MMP is complimentary to all consumers who purchase a Focus ST or Fiesta ST from their Ford Dealer (buyers are on the hook for their own transportation to and from the school and for hotels/lining up sofas to crash on however). It's a two-day event that kicks off with the opening reception at HRD_HQ, which, if he's in town and available, Block himself has been known to swing by. The following day participants participate in: 30 minutes of classroom teaching, skid car exercises, braking exercises, forward/reverse 180s and parking box tricks, an "UrbanX" practice session followed by a timed UrbanX course competition, three variations of on-track driving (lead-and-follow, instructor ride-along, hot laps with an instructor driving) and, to top it all off, an end-of-day kart race amongst the others in your session.

For more information on the ST Octane Acadamey (or to register so that you too can gain access to the HRD_HQ), visit here: