Ken Block Honored At Petersen Automotive Museum Gala For Automotive Inspiration

On Thursday, October 24th, Hoonigan Racing Division’s Ken Block was honored at the annual Petersen Automotive Museum Gala in Los Angeles, California, for his contributions to automotive culture. Block was awarded the Petersen Automotive Inspiration Award, an award given to those who help to inspire a new, younger, upcoming generation of automotive enthusiasts.

“I’m really flattered that the folks at the Petersen Museum feel that what I do is important to helping inspire the next generation of car enthusiasts,” said Block. “I’m just out there having fun racing, doing what I love and occasionally getting to make really enjoyable video projects like my Gymkhana series. The fact that the things I do and enjoy are so widely enjoyed by others to the point where the people at the Petersen took notice is big for me. It’s definitely one of the cooler things I’ve been awarded in my lifetime and I’m stoked that I’m able to impact the youth so positively.”

Along with Block being honored for Automotive Inspiration, two other well-known car guys were honored that evening as well. Grey’s Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey was awarded the Petersen Automotive Enthusiast Award for his new-found racing career and rock and roll legend Jeff Beck was honored with the Petersen Automotive Artisan Award, which gives nod to his work as both a hot rod builder and collector.