Ken Block Honors Quad-Amputee War In Afghanistan Veteran Taylor Morris With A Ride-Along

When it comes to viral videos on the Internet, Hoonigan Racing Division’s Ken Block knows a thing or two. And, clearly, War in Afghanistan veteran, Taylor Morris, knows a few things as well.

Morris, a Navy Explosives Ordinance Disposal technician, was serving his first tour of Afghanistan in early 2012. However, in May of that year, he became the victim of an IED near Kandahar Airfield. Fortunately, Morris managed to survive the attack, but from that point forward, his entire life was changed. Morris is now a quad-amputee, who, thanks to the amazing support network of his girlfriend, his family and his friends, has been on the road to recovery at a blistering pace. In fact, Morris’ recovery efforts have been so impressive, that he and his friends even managed to put together a video demonstrating his ability to properly hoon a car and, in the process, call out HRD’s Ken Block! (video:

The video ended up going viral and found its way to Block’s personal email inbox. Inspired by both Morris and his story, Block reached out and invited Morris out to come ride along with him and see if, in fact, his driving was as “weak” as the video call out. Needless to say, Morris accepted the invitation and joined Block during his annual pre-Rally America Rally of the 100 Acre Wood test, held at the Sayersbrook Bison Ranch in Potosi, Missouri.

“It was an epic experience for me,” said Morris “I can't believe our idea for the video we made actually succeeded and we were invited out by one of rally’s most talented drivers in the world for a ride along. It’s been a great experience for me and all of my friends—to be here and have a good time with Ken and the whole Hoonigan Racing Divsion team. Thanks so much to everybody involved!”

“I’m inspired by Taylor,” said Block. “He sacrificed so much for our country and has been through a ton. Yet he still has this incredible outlook and attitude towards life and he’s clearly not letting what happened to him stop him from doing anything. He’s also a really funny, nice guy! It was an absolute pleasure having him and his friends out to our test this week and I think I was able to show him that I can hang with his driving skills!”

To learn more about Morris, his story and his road to rehabilitation, please visit:

Block And Gelsomino Fight Back From A 20-Minute Penalty To Pull Off A 6th Overall Finish At Sno*Drift

After dealing with the crushing disappointment of an electrical issue sidelining their efforts of winning their first race of the 2013 season, Hoonigan Racing Division’s Ken Block and co-driver Alex Gelsomino hit the stages of day 2 of Rally America’s Sno*Drift rally with a vengeance, courtesy of Super Rally rules (rules which allow a competitor to re-enter competition the following day after being knocked out, but causing the competitor to accumulate a time penalty per stage missed added to their overall rally time).

Having gone out of the rally just prior to the start of SS3 on day 1 due to the previously mentioned electrical issue, the duo attacked Saturday’s stages on the icy roads of Michigan and racked up 6 stage wins (out of 12 stages that day), demonstrating that they would have had the speed necessary to be in the hunt for the win.

“It’s still frustrating to deal with what happened to us yesterday,” said Block. “But, that’s rally and you just have to get back into the car and keep trying your hardest. Luckily, we only accumulated a 20-minute penalty under Super Rally and managed to fight our way up to 6th overall. It’s not quite the result I wanted this weekend, but considering the circumstances, I’ll take it.”

Block and Gelsomino race next at the second round of the 2013 Rally America Championship, Rally of the 100 Acre Wood, held in Salem, MO, February 22-23.