Oregon Trail Day Two: Block And Gelsomino Have More Crazy Luck, But Press On Regardless And Finish The Day In 2nd Overall

After a freak mechanical issue during Day One’s night stages at Oregon Trail Rally, where Ken Block and Alex Gelsomino lost their front right wheel while on stage, the Hoonigan Racing Division boys took to the stages outside of Hood River, Oregon on Saturday with the goal of having a much better day of racing.

Starting the day in 4th overall—despite finishing two of four stages the night before with only three wheels on the car—Block soon worked his way into 3rd overall after winning the first stage of the day, SS5. However, Block’s bad luck streak continued, as he suffered a rear driveshaft failure, forcing him to run at roughly 60% of his normal pace. Despite the driveshaft failure, Block managed to maintain his 3rd overall position and finish the morning loop of stages.

After the first service of the day, Block won SS8. But on SS9, luck for the H.H.I.C. changed a bit when Antoine L’Estage, who had been sitting 2nd overall, rolled out of competition, moving Block and Gelsomino into 2nd overall. However, Block suffered a puncture on SS9. He then managed to win SS10, despite getting yet another puncture. After the second service of the day, Block and Gelsomino went out and won SS11, but the bad luck continued on that stage as both Block and rally leader David Higgins hit the same massive embedded rock mid-stage, forcing them to limp their cars back into service to end day two.

“Today was tough,” said Block. “My luck so far this season has just been really bad, but this event has been particularly up and down. The crazy part though, is that despite losing a wheel, having a driveshaft fail, suffering two punctures and hitting a massive rock mid-stage towards the end of the day here, I’m still sitting in 2nd overall and I won four of eight stages today. Hopefully I can find some better luck tomorrow and have a clean final day of racing here in Oregon.”

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Block And Gelsomino Opt For Badassery On Day 1 Of Oregon Trail, Finishing The Day On Only Three Wheels!

Kicking off Day 1 of Rally America’s Oregon Trail Rally with plenty of excitement, Hoonigan Racing Division’s Ken Block and Alex Gelsomino hit Friday’s opening stages feeling good. The duo, having had a successful test earlier in the week, were prepared for their fourth stage rally of 2013 and had a strong start to the rally on Friday evening, getting second fastest on one stage and winning the next.

However, while entering a chicane on stage 3, the right front wheel of Block’s Ford Fiesta HFHV detached. This sudden departure of the wheel from the car caused Block to really have to work to get the car to the end of the stage. With one stage left, the pair faced the choice of a DNF for the day, or pressing on regardless sans-wheel. The choice was obvious. Block came across the end of SS4 with only three wheels and a shower of sparks. Despite the hardship, Block and Gelsomino ended day one sitting fourth overall, only 48 seconds out of first place with plenty of mileage to attempt to make up that time on Saturday and Sunday.

“Tonight was a bummer, that’s for sure,” said Block. “I was entering a chicane on stage three, when all of a sudden I feel something in the front right corner of the car. Then I realized that somehow the wheel had come loose and just bounced off! Fortunately we didn’t lose too much time in the grand scheme of things. Alex and I will attempt to make up the lost time on the stages tomorrow and get on the podium. I just can’t believe the crazy luck I’ve been having this year in the Rally America Championship.”

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