Block Smokes Out The Goodwood Festival Of Speed 2015

Ken Block with his 1965 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn RTR
Ken Block tears up Lord March’s Goodwood estate in a 2016 Ford Focus RS
Ken Block Lord March and Kimi Raikkonen at Goodwood festival of Speed 2015
Ken Block performs donuts in his Hoonicorn RTR on the Goodwood Estate grounds at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2015
Lord March and Ken Block sit for tea at the Goodwood estate during Goodwood Festival of Speed 2015

After a four-year hiatus, Hoonigan Racing Division's Ken Block returned to the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The world famous event, hosted by Lord March who happens to own the Goodwood property, is a yearly car concours show where a lot of the amazing cars get to drive and race up Lord March’s personal hill climb road (which is actually his driveway). For 2015, Block headed out with his 1965 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn RTR and the all-new 2016 Ford Focus RS. The event marked only the second time that Block's Hoonicorn had been driven for the public and the first time that the public had been able to see the Focus RS in action in public.

In true Hoonicorn fashion, Block tore up the tarmac (and some of Lord March's grass alongside the track) in his Mustang for the fans at Goodwood, and also pushed the new RS to the limits as he continually stepped the tail out, highlighting the all wheel-drive system that the RS will be coming with.

"I had an awesome time at Goodwood this year," said Block. I hadn't made it out in a few years due to schedule conflicts and I'd been missing it. The event is such a great mix of motorsport personalities, amazing old and new cars and knowledgable fans. The posh English setting is a nice bonus, too! But, I really enjoyed running up the hill in my Hoonicorn and the new Focus RS. I think the fans enjoyed it too! I even was able to give a ride to Lord March himself on Sunday morning in the Hoonicorn, he seemed pretty stoked about it! Hopefully I'll be able to return next summer."

Ken Block Takes Second At Round Three Of The 2015 Global Rallycross Championship In Daytona

Ken Block takes second place at GRC Round 3 in Daytona, FL.
Ken Block leads the pack in Daytona, Florida
Ken Block mid-air at GRC Round 3 in Daytona, FL
Block finishes the final on three wheels, securing championship points.
Ken Block in the lead at Global Rallycross in Daytona
Roncar photo documenting the intense weather at GRC Daytona 2015
Head Hoonigan Ken Block leads the pack at GRC Daytona
Ken Block's flame thrower, the Ford Fiesta ST RX43
Ken Block 43 signs autographs for fans at Global Rallycross Daytona
After enduring cockpit temperatures of 140º F in the racecar, Ken Block takes his trophy straight to his kids' pool at the team service area after GRC Round 3 in Daytona, Florida.

Daytona Beach, FL: Straight off a weekend of demos in South Africa, Hoonigan Racing Division’s Ken Block headed into Daytona Beach, Florida, for Rounds Two and Three of the 2015 Global Rallycross Championship. While he placed 8th overall in the final on Saturday’s Round Two event—a feat accomplished on three wheels after a racing incident that sent him backwards into a tire wall—he bounced back with a vengeance during Sunday’s Round Three and put himself once again on the podium for the second time of the season, adding to the points he racked up with his win in Ft. Lauderdale with a second place finish during Sunday’s Round Three event.

On Saturday, Block qualified second overall, won both of his Heats and won his Semi-final during Saturday’s Round Two event. This led to him starting the Saturday Final sitting P2 on the start grid. Coming out of the first turn, he was able to make a move for first place, which lasted all-too-briefly, when fellow Ford driver, Patrick Sandell and Block came together down the straight, sending both into spins with Block ending his going backwards into a tire barrier. While Block’s car was damaged, he was able to press on and finish the Final—even despite losing his right rear tire and having to drive on three wheels—to rack up some points towards his championship chase.

Sunday, however, was a better day for Block. While he qualified 2nd fastest-overall, he was unable to participate in GRC’s new “knockout” qualifying session (that takes the six top qualifiers and pits them against each other in yet a further qualifying session) due to a mechanical issue. Despite the setback and a less than-ideal grid position, Block took second in his Heat and then proceeded to come away off a first-place finish in his Semi-final, securing P2 on the Finals grid for the second time in two days. For the Final, Block did what he had to do to fight for a podium position, finding himself in second place by the middle of the first lap and maintaining that to the end of the Final.

“This was a crazy race weekend for me,” said Block. “The heat out here in Daytona was intense, temps inside the car reached almost 140 degrees Fahrenheit, so that was definitely an extra challenge this weekend! Saturday was going really well up until 15 seconds into the final when Patrick [Sandell] and I had our contact. I was able to still drive pretty hard and cross the finish line to get some points, but I was definitely disappointed. Fortunately, Sunday went way better for me and I was able to avoid too much contact out there, find relatively clean air and bring home my second podium of the season with a second place finish.”

With his 8th place finish during Round Two and his 2nd place finish during Round Three, Block now sits 2nd overall in the Global Rallycross Championship points standings. Block’s next event is the Goodwood Festival of Speed, where he’ll be doing demo runs in both his Ford Mustang Hoonicorn RTR from Gymkhana SEVEN, as well as the all-new Ford Focus RS, taking place June 26th, 27th and 28th.

Ken Block Teams Up With "Clarkson, Hammond And May Live!" In South Africa

Ken Block is a featured guest star with former Top Gear hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May at their new live roadshow "Clarkson, Hammond and May LIVE!" at the TicketPro Dome in Johannesburg, South Africa, June 2015.
Hoonicorn RTR on the painted surface at the TicketPro Dome in Johannesburg, South Africa, June 2015 during "Clarkson, Hammond and May LIVE!"
Ken Block racing "scooter-charriots" with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May at CHM LIVE!
Ken Block plays car soccer at CHM LIVE in a Ford Ka
Ken Block pilots his 1965 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn RTR across the painted concrete surface of the TicketPro Dome in Johannesburg South Africa during his featured appearances at CHM LIVE!

Coming off of Summer X Games 2015, HRD's Ken Block immediately boarded a plane and headed straight to Johannesburg, South Africa, to team up with the Clarkson Hammond and May LIVE! roadshow. A multi-stop world tour for the former Top Gear hosts, the three automotive icons invited Block to join them on the stage in South Africa as a featured part of their show.

For Block, it was his first-ever visit to the continent of Africa and also marked the first-ever public running of his 1965 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn RTR from Gymkhana SEVEN. Block ran the car two-times per show (2 shows per day across 3 days) and absolutely wowed the sold-out crowds every show.

"I had an absolute blast in Johannesburg performing with the boys at Clarkson Hammond and May LIVE!," said Block. "It's always fun for me to work with that trio and to be able to do so while also running my Hoonicorn RTR from Gymkhana SEVEN? That was a real treat. Plus, the fans in South Africa are so wildly passionate about hooning and motorsport. The response from the crowds during the shows was epic, they definitely helped make the experience for me!"

Aside from running his Hoonicorn during an introduction piece and in a Gymkhana segment against the three presenters, Block also participated in a "scooter chariot" racing segment as well as a finale segment of car soccer where he piloted a Ford Ka on a team representing South Africa against Jeremy, Richard and James, scoring numerous goals and leading his team to victory every show.

X Games Austin Rallycross

Ken Block takes the the jump during his first heat at X Games 2015.
Ken Block prepares to run his Ford Fiesta ST RX43 at X Games Austin 2015.
Ken Block experiences a sudden, front drive shaft failure with the checkered flag in view, ending his race at X Games Austin 2015.

X Games 2015 saw HRD's Ken Block returning to Austin, Texas, in his quest for an X Games gold medal to add to his three bronze and two silver already sitting at home. Unfortunately for Block, it wasn't meant to be this year. With a very aggressive knockout format for the race in order to make it to the final, the setup was as follows: three separate heats, winner of each heat advances directly to the final, second and third in the heat move to a Last Chance Qualifier, fourth and beyond go home. 

Block had a great 6 lap heat until the final corner with the checkered flag literally in sight. Due to incidental contact earlier in the race, Block suffered a front drive shaft failure in the middle of the last turn, which then sent 600 horsepower unexpectedly to the rear wheels and thus threw him into a spin. This moved him from a solid second place finish (which would have advanced him to the LCQ), down to fourth, just outside of making the cut.

“Of course I'm disappointed in how the race went for me," said Block. "Obviously we come here with the goal of walking away with gold, so to get knocked out immediately due to a mechanical issue is lame, especially as I was in a transfer position with the checkered flag in sight! But, that's how racing goes, one part failure can and cost you everything.”

Ken Block Wins Round 1 Of The 2015 Global Rallycross Championship In Ft. Lauderdale, Now Leading The Series In Points


Ft. Lauderdale, FL: Ken Block arrived to Florida for the first round of the 2015 Global Rallycross Championship season with one mission: starting the year with a solid race that would help lay the foundation for him to try and win the championship. After two days of very fast driving in the heat of Florida, he did more than just that and kicked off his 2015 season with a big win.

“I couldn’t be happier with my result this weekend,” said Block. “We put in a lot of hard work as a team in the pre-season and that paid off huge for us today. This style of track didn’t really play into my strengths as a driver, but I was able to work with my team to get the car to the right place and overcome what I felt was a deficit on my end. I pulled something off here that I wasn’t fully sure I’d be able to, so I’m absolutely stoked with the result and to be leaving here leading the series in the points standing.”

Block started the event well, being 2nd fastest overall in practice on Saturday morning and getting through the first Heat of the event Saturday afternoon. Block then hit the circuit again Sunday morning for his second Heat of the event where he placed 2nd, which set him up for position two on the front row of his Semi-Final. In the Semi-Final, Block outdrove the competition with some deft maneuvering and tight lines, winning the Semi and securing Pole Position for the starting grid of the afternoon’s Final.

In the Final, Block had a quick launch and immediately targeted the Joker Lap on his first pass. Making it through the Joker safely, Block had open air ahead of him and began to work on breaking away from the remainder of the pack. During the 10 lap final, Block continued to put speed between himself and the rest of the field, hammering it completely down on his fourth lap, where he set the fastest lap time of the event with a 29.9 second pass. Block stormed on to win the Final, starting the first round of the 2015 Global Rallycross Championship in the best way possible.

Block’s next competitive event will be the weekend of June 6th in Austin, Texas, at Summer X Games.

Ken Block Kicks Off His 2015 Global Rallycross Season

FT LAUDERDALE, FL: Tomorrow kicks off the start of Ken Block’s bid for the 2015 Global Rallycross Championship in his Ford Fiesta ST RX43, beginning with round 1 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Block comes into this weekend’s event having taken second overall in last year’s championship (having missed first overall by only five points), a quick recap of last season:

  • 2 wins (Charlotte and Las Vegas)
  • 1 perfect event (Charlotte: qualified first, won all heats, won semi, won final)
  • Was the highest average qualifier for the season
  • Had the most heat wins in 2014 (also has the most heat wins in the history of GRC with 30)
  • Ended the season 2nd overall in the championship

In the downtime between the end of the 2014 GRC season and the start of the 2015 season, Block has stayed busy with a string of great events:

  • Won the final round of the 2014 GRC Championship in Vegas
  • Won the Gymkhana GRID in Madrid, Spain
  • 2nd place at the Bologna Motorshow racing against well-known fellow rally drivers like Robert Kubica and Gigi Galli
  • Won the first round of the 2015 New Zealand national rally championship, Rally Whangarei
  • Won Leg Two of the second round of the 2015 New Zealand national rally championship, Rally Otago (including 7 stage wins)
  • Launched Gymkhana SEVEN (which now has over 25+ million views)

“I’m excited to be getting back behind the wheel of my Fiesta RX43 and doing some rallycross again,” said Block. “We’ve worked hard in the off season on some small improvements here and there and we’ve had some great testing sessions leading into this event. I’m feeling highly confident in myself, my car and my team to be able to get things done on the track this year.”

Ken Block Partners With Global Leader Of Action Sports Support, Xdubai.

Adding to an already impressive lineup of sponsors and partners, Hoonigan Racing Division’s Ken Block is pleased to announce the addition of another high-caliber sponsor, XDubai.

XDubai is the regional leader of the Middle East when it comes to action sports, both in terms of supporting events, challenges and athletes, as well as hosting events and activities. From skateboarders and their video projects to freestyle moto riders throwing down world-first triple backflips and from skydivers to guys with jet-powered wing suits strapped to their backs, XDubai positions itself front and center when it comes to supporting next-level innovations with both action- and extreme-sport athletes. With a goal of helping turn Dubai into the adrenaline capital of the world, today’s partnership with Ken Block helps solidify that mission.

“I’m really excited about this partnership,” said Block. “While we were in the initial discussions to make this deal possible, I took a trip to Dubai to learn more about XDubai and the city itself and I was blown away. It’s a hugely impressive city and it’s also known for being a massively progressive city in that region of the world. The team at XDubai absolutely gets what I do and what I’m about and, as I’m sure everyone knows, Dubai itself has a passion for all things automotive. I had a blast there, so I’m looking forward to heading back over. We’ve got some fun demo appearances planned for over there later in the year with my Ford Mustang Hoonicorn RTR from Gymkhana SEVEN.”

As a part of the sponsorship of Ken Block and his 2015 racing program, XDubai will host Block and his Hoonicorn RTR at the Dubai Motor Festival in November. It will officially be the first public appearances and driving demos by Block in the Middle East region, as well as the first appearance of his Hoonicorn. For more information on XDubai, visit:

Monster Energy And Ford Performance Team Up To Give Away Two Ford Focus Rs Cars... And More!

RS giveaway graphic

Ken Block’s two biggest sponsors, Monster Energy and Ford Performance have come together to create one of the biggest giveaways Block has been involved with: The “Ford Performance Ken Block Giveaway”. 

TWO grand prize winners will each take home one of only 2000 brand-new 2016 Ford Focus RSs, while FIVE first prize winners will take part in a driving experience with Block himself in Utah. Hundreds more prizes are available for those who enter. 

Check out!/promotions%3Aford-performance-ken-block-experience-sweepstakes-official-rules for more details, rules, and an entry form! Open to US citizens only.

Block And Gelsomino, New Zealand 2015, Pt. 2


Following their first race of the year (and win!) up in Whangarei, New Zealand, less than a month ago, Hoonigan Racing Division’s Ken Block, and co-driver Alex Gelsomino, returned to the land of Kiwis for their second event of the 2015 season, Rally Otago, based in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Block and Gelsomino started out on Saturday morning, racking up two Stage wins in their first three Stages and getting off to a seemingly great start. However, towards the end of SS3, Block’s Ford Fiesta HFHV began having slight engine hiccups in higher gears. The pair continued pushing on, starting SS4, but were forced to retire shortly into the Stage due to a dead engine. The culprit? A simple mechanical issue (engine sensor wire that had become frayed). Gutted, the boys retired temporarily and missed the majority of the day’s Stages until they were able to rejoin after a late-afternoon service. But, by then, the damage was done and their hopes of adding another win to their season were over.

Despite the setback, Block went out on the last Stage of Saturday, a Super Special near downtown Dunedin with a crowd of thousands in attendance, and won it.

Sunday saw Block and Gelsomino demonstrate the speed and form that they’d possessed less than 30 days earlier up in Whangarei. With multiple Stage wins and fast pace, the HRD duo ended up winning leg 2 of Rally Otago, ending the weekend on a semi-high note.

“I’m definitely disappointed,” said Block. “We came down here to do well and try and add another win to the season. I feel that we were in a good position to do so but unfortunately a very small mechanical issue managed to completely sideline us and derail that effort. It’s frustrating, but that’s rally and motorsports in general. I’m glad we were able to rejoin the event at the Super Special today however and win that. It’s not the total victory I was looking for, but given the circumstances, I’m ok with it. For the second time in only a few weeks, I was able to drive on the greatest rally roads in the world again, so in the grand scheme of things, that’s pretty awesome.”

With Rally Otago being complete, the next event for Block will be the opening round of the 2015 Global Rallycross Championship, taking place in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, over the weekend of May 30th.

Ken Block Starts His Season With A Win In New Zealand: The International Rally Of Whangarei 2015










Whangarei, NZ: Having not been behind the wheel of one of his Ford Fiesta racecars on a proper gravel rally stage since mid-October at WRC Spain last year, Hoonigan Racing Division’s Ken Block and co-driver Alex Gelsomino dusted off the cobwebs in spectacular fashion, bringing home a win on their first outing of 2015, which took place at the International Rally of Whangarei in New Zealand.

After two days of testing earlier in the week, Block started the rally on Friday night with two super specials right within the city of Whangarei. The rally had two separate events running simultaneously, the opening round of the 2015 Asia Pacific Rally Championship and the first round of the New Zealand National Championship. Block and his Ford Fiesta HFHV rally car were entered in the later. Coming out of Friday night in first overall in the National Championship Block was third overall when factoring in the competitors in the APRC event.

Saturday saw Block improve upon those standings however, maintaining the lead in the National Championship across the eight stages of the day, as well as pulling ahead of the drivers in the APRC as well (at one point in the day Block had built up almost a 30 second lead on the top APRC car, only to lose almost all of it back due to a mechanical issue), to end the day first overall in the entire event. Stats for end of day Saturday were a 1:09 second lead in the NZNC and 0.6 seconds overall in front of the top APRC driver.

Sunday had the duo maintain their rapid pace along the best rally stage roads on the planet, continually knocking down top stage finishes and building upon their leads. At the end of it all, Block and Gelsomino finished the entire event first overall, with a final time of 2:54.53.6, 36 seconds ahead of the leader in the APRC event and over 2 minutes of the leader of the NZRC event.

“I had a great event down here in Whangarei this week,” said Block. “This is the exact start to my 2015 season that I was looking for and I’m stoked that I was able to kick things off like that down here on some of the best stage rally roads in the entire world. I don’t get to do as much rally as I’d like these days since my focus is rallycross, so this was awesome. The whole event was a ton of fun, from our testing earlier in the week to the stages during the event. I’d also like to compliment the event organizers for putting on a world-class event and the fans for coming out to support. I’m definitely looking forward to Otago in a few weeks on the south island, hopefully I can add another win to my season.”

With the win at Whangarei, Block becomes the first non-New Zealander to ever win Whangarei and the first American to win an international rally in recent history. Block’s next competitive event is Rally Otago, May 8-10, which also takes place in New Zealand.