Block Completes Wrc Spain 2014

HRD’s Ken Block and co-driver Alex Gelsomino have successfully completed the 2014 round of WRC Spain. The duo had a positive outing throughout the entire rally where they started their final day of stages on Sunday sitting 12th overall and looking to crack into the top 10—which they managed to do prior to the last stage of the event. Unfortunately, on the final stage, Block suffered a puncture on the front driver’s side tire (from a small rock in the racing line), which eventually failed completely and exploded, leaving Block to drive on three tires and a bare rim for the last 7 km of the stage. Due to the puncture the pair surrendered their top 10 finish and completed the event in 12th overall.

“That puncture on the last stage was really disappointing,” said Block. “We drove hard to put ourselves in the position to be in the top 10 and managed to pull it off, despite this being only my second stage rally of the year and 18 months since I’d last done WRC, and 3 years since my last WRC tarmac rally! Unfortunately, that’s rally and typically a puncture comes at the worst time. It is what it is though, my goal was to come on out and have a great time and I’ve definitely managed to do that.”

“The roads and fans are amazing here in Spain, plus the event organizers did a great job with this race—they even included a few mandatory donuts in the stages! Overall though it was great to be back in a World Rally Championship race and it was good to see all of my driver friends from this series. The entire weekend was really enjoyable. I love racing the WRC Ford Fiesta RS as well, so hopefully I’ll be able to add a few more of these events into my schedule next year.”

Block Moves To Tarmac On Day 3 Of Wrc Spain

Following a solid outing on Friday’s gravel stages at WRC Spain, HRD’s Ken Block took to the sublime tarmac stages in the hills of Spain on Saturday for the second road surface type of the rally.

Block, who last raced on tarmac rally stages here in 2011 at WRC Spain, went out with a simple goal: have fun and keep it clean. Having not had a lot of tarmac stage rally experience in his career, the focus for Block was to both work on getting reacquainted with notes being called as well as familiarizing himself with the limits of tire adhesion on tarmac at speed.

“I’m really just having fun out here on these stages,” said Block. “My whole focus for this event has been to come out and enjoy these absolutely amazing roads, which I’ve been doing! The roads here are a lot of fun and while I lost a position overall today, I attribute it to the fact that I’m still learning just how far I can actually push my tires on these tarmac stages. But, that’s something that simply comes with time and experience, which I’m working on. I’m looking forward to four more stages tomorrow, hopefully I can make up some time on them as well.

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Block Returns To The Wrc For Rally Spain

After an 18-month absence from the World Rally Championship, Hoonigan Racing Division’s Ken Block returned this weekend, selecting WRC Spain as his single round crammed into his extremely busy 2014 race schedule.

Having not been in a WRC-spec Ford Fiesta RS since Rally Mexico in 2013 (where he finished 7th overall), Block arrived to Spain and did two days of testing leading into the event, one day for tarmac and the other for gravel since Spain features both surfaces during the event for stages.

Thursday evening saw Block and co-driver Alex Gelsomino make an appearance in Barcelona for the opening ceremonies and the Super Special downtown after having been 8th fastest overall in shakedown that morning. The pair then took to the dusty hills outside of Salou, Spain for Friday’s gravel stages. Block put on a solid performance throughout the day, finishing 11th overall by the close of the day—while being only 8.2 seconds outside of cracking the top 10. Throughout the course of the day, Block drove patiently and with caution due to having not actually heard pace notes in 8 months since his last stage rally outing at Rally America’s Rally in the 100 Acre Wood (which Block won). Unfortunately, mid-afternoon on SS6, Block suffered a tire puncture and lost some time. However, after a quick swap after the stage finish, he went on to resume normal pace for SS7.

“Overall I’m fairly happy with how today went,” said Block. “I really wanted to break into the top 10 on this first full day, and I’m close, so hopefully tomorrow we can pick up the pace a bit and work ourselves in there. I’ve been doing a lot more tarmac racing as of late due to all of my rallycross racing, so I’m hoping that I'm able to transfer some of that tarmac feel and experience into this WRC chassis and move up the standings. Today was really fun though, it feels great to be back doing stage rally.”

With WRC Spain only being Block’s second stage rally event of the season, he’s keeping his overall expectations for the event fairly low. To see how he does on the first day of tarmac stages, be sure to follow along here, on Facebook and Instagram.

Ken Block Returns To Wrc With Rally Spain This Week

Barcelona, Spain: Hoonigan Racing Division’s Ken Block makes his return to the World Rally Championship this week at WRC Spain, following an absence of more than a year (Block last competed in WRC Mexico, 2013, where he placed 7th overall) from the series due to a hugely hectic schedule that has, unfortunately, kept him from doing as much stage rally as he’d like as of late. Blocks return to Rally Spain also marks his first tarmac rally outing since 2011.

However, despite the lack of stage rally time this season (Block has competed in one rally thus far this season, Rally America’s Rally of the 100 Acre Wood where he took first overall), Block feels good about getting back into a WRC car this week. 

“I’m obviously here this weekend more as a tourist,” said Block. “What I mean by that is that I’m out here to have a great time and do as well as I possibly can. I’m very much aware that I haven’t had a lot of stage rally time this season and I haven’t been in a WRC car since Mexico last year. So, I don’t expect to be on the pace as everyone in the top of the field. However, I’m hopeful that I’ll find a quick pace early on, maintain it and if I’m feeling well, maybe push a bit harder. We’ll see, it’s too soon to tell. My personal expectations are relatively low though, my main goal is to bring the car back safe and sound every evening and my other would be to potentially break into the top 10 if the rally is favorable. We’ll see, either way, I’m stoked to be back behind the wheel in WRC for an event.”

In preparation for WRC Spain, Block and co-driver Alex Gelsomino have completed two highly successful days of testing in Spain within the last week. Logging kilometers in both tarmac and gravel trims, the duo are feeling confident heading into the first stage on Thursday evening.

In addition to his testing, Block has had an action packed year, competing in WorldRX and Global RallyCross (where he’s currently in contention for the overall championship with just one event left), as well as putting out two major videos this season: Footkhana and RaptorTRAX Shredfest. He’s also found time to film Gymkhana SEVEN, which will drop sometime in November.

To catch Block in action this weekend, WRC is live streaming two of the stages. Catch the opening Super Special on Thursday, October 23rd at 6 PM CEST and the Power Stage on Sunday, October 26th at 12 PM CEST, both at

Ken Block’S Raptortrax Shredfest Video With Zak Hale & Ethan Deiss Is Live!

Hoonigan Racing Division’s Ken Block—in partnership with his sponsor, Monster Energy—debuted the RaptorTRAX Shredfest video on October 7th, 2014. Hosted on the Monster Energy YouTube channel (, the video highlights Block putting his Ford F-150 RaptorTRAX to the test as the ultimate backcountry snowboard expedition vehicle at Baldface Lodge in British Columbia, along with fellow Monster athletes Zak Hale and Ethan Deiss. Check out the video below!

[Hoonigan] Ken Block's Raptortrax Awd Burnout Video Is Live!

Slaying is not just for tires anymore. Ken Block slayed all 4 TRAX at the same time at The Donut Shop! Just days before the Main edit of Ken Block and Monster Energy’s RaptorTRAX Shredfest video debut, Hoonigan’s Head-Honcho-In-Charge, aka: HHIC Ken Block, released a 1:27 min. video hosted on the The Hoonigans YouTube channel ( Watch Block kill trax before he slays snow. Check out the video below!

Raptor Trax Shredfest Oct. 7

RaptorTRAX Shredfest Oct. 7

In just one week (Oct 7th), Hoonigan Racing Division’s Ken Block—in partnership with his sponsor, Monster Energy—will be debuting the highly anticipated RaptorTRAX Shredfest video. The video will be hosted exclusively on the Monster Energy YouTube channel and will highlight Block driving his all-new, custom-built Ford F-150 RaptorTRAX snowcat through some of the most incredible snowboarding terrain on the planet at Baldface Lodge in British Columbia, as well as featuring riding by fellow Monster athletes Zak Hale and Ethan Deiss. 

While the main edit will drop on October 7th, the seven days leading up to the release will feature a new teaser clip each day across both Block’s and Monster Energy’s social channels. See the first one here:

To see the other teaser clips as they drop, follow along here:

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Ken Block Takes Over Championship Lead After Double Podium Weekend During The Grc Doubleheader In Los Angeles

Sept 22nd, 2014, Los Angeles, California: Hoonigan Racing Division’s Ken Block had a hugely successful three days of racing during the Global Rallycross Championship doubleheader this past weekend in Los Angeles. Following a Saturday event where he pulled off a podium finish in third overall, Block took to the track again on Sunday for the second event of the weekend, managing to improve on Saturday’s performance by one spot, bringing home a second overall finish as well as moving himself into overall championship points lead, 18 points ahead of the rest of the field.

The podium finish for Block on Sunday’s event marks his 5th consecutive podium appearance in the Global Rallycross Championship (New York – 3rd, Charlotte – 1st, Daytona – 2nd, Los Angeles 1 – 3rd, Los Angeles 2 – 2nd) and sets Block up in good position with only two races left on the race season calendar.

“I’m definitely pleased with how the weekend in Los Angeles went for me,” said Block. “Obviously I wanted to come out and do well, but between performing well and having some luck fall my way, I’m coming out of here in the lead for the overall championship, which is awesome! I’m also excited about this coming weekend in Seattle at Dirtfish because I’ve heard that the track there has a lot more gravel than what we’ve seen the last two races and I feel that sort of surface really favors my driving style. Hopefully I can bring home another podium finish in five days.”

In addition to Block bringing home a third place finish on Saturday, a second place finish on Sunday and moving into first overall in the championship points standings, Block and his team also helped contribute to Ford locking in their 4th consecutive manufacturer title in GRC this weekend as well.

Ken Block Ties It Up For Global Rallycross Championship Lead After L.A. One

Sept 20th, 2014, Los Angeles, California: Ken Block arrived to the port of Los Angeles in California for the 7th round of the Global Rallycross Championship sitting second overall in the points standings. After the checkered flag dropped on the final Saturday afternoon, Block had finished third overall in the final and had improved his standing to tied for first overall in the championship with fellow Ford driver, Nelson Piquet Jr. Additionally, Ford clinched the 2014 GRC manufacturer’s championship on Saturday, helped out by Block’s finish during Saturday’s race.

Capitalizing on a 2nd in a heat race on Friday and taking first in his semi-final Saturday morning, Block set himself up for the first row of the final. Successfully avoiding any sort of first corner smashup, Block tucked in behind the leaders into third place and stayed there, holding off the rest of the field for the entirety of the 10 laps.

“I’m stoked with moving up to tied for first in the championship,” said Block. “While this track is a bit tight and doesn’t fully suit my driving style, I think I’ve done a good job figuring out a quick line here and I’m making it work. I’m definitely happy to nab my fourth podium in a row also. Hopefully things go well again for me tomorrow.”

Ken Block Puts On Solid Performance At Worldrx France

Sept 8th, 2014, Loheác, France: For his second-ever World Rallycross appearance, HRD’s Ken Block headed to the town of Loheác, France, for the championship’s biggest event. With more than 70,000 fans in attendance, it marks one of the biggest-ever crowds that Block has driven in front of.
Saturday’s Day 1 practice and heats saw Block demonstrate excellent form, setting the fastest lap time in practice, as well as winning both of his heats. Unfortunately, due to a slight bit of confusion during heat 1, Block mistakingly did not take the joker, earning himself a 30 second penalty. Despite the setback though, Block’s heat win and overall time from heat 2 allowed him to head into Sunday’s heats 13th overall, just one place away from making it into the semi-final top 12. With two decent heats on Sunday morning, Block found himself in a highly competitive afternoon semi-final, where he finished 3rd and landed a space in the final.
For the final, Block drove well, despite having to start from the back of the grid, working his way to 4th overall. In addition to finishing 4th, Block also set the single-fastest lap of the weekend in the final, a 0:36.9.
“This was definitely a tough event for me,” said Block. “I drove really well on both days, despite a few hiccups. The competition here was very tough, but I had a great time here in France this weekend. The sheer size of the crowd was wild and the French fans are very passionate about their motorsports, so that was great to experience. I really wanted to get another podium finish here in World Rallycross, but I’m still pleased with 4th overall on the weekend.”
Block’s next competitive event is in Los Angeles, CA, for the Global Rallycross doubleheader weekend, September 20th and 21st.